UDSRA Williams Grove Championship Presented by PAPosseRacing.com

We are proud to announce our partnership with PAPosseRacing.com for a 12 race track championship at the famed Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA in the 410 wing sprint cars. This will be a Invitaltional League and you must apply to be approved to race http://www.udsra.org/leagues/udsra-iracing-league-application/. The season will kickoff with a day race at the famed Pennsylvania paperclip. Also on the schedule are three ‘Shootout Series’ events which will award additional points to the drivers. As well as three double points nights for the division. The drivers will also put on 2 USAC 410 events during the 12 week season.


2017 Williams Grove Championship series schedule presented by PAPosseRacing.com


  1. Williams Grove Opening Day * — JUNE 5TH 2017
  2. PA Sprint Car Promotions Night– JUNE 12TH 2017
  3. PAPosseRacing.com Shootout Series ^ — JUNE 19TH 2017
  4. Yellow Breeches Open** — JUNE 26TH 2017
  5. PAPosseRacing Shootout Series ^ — JULY 3RD 2017
  6. Williams Grove Take 2 – Winged 410 — JULY 10TH 2017
  7. Williams Grove Take 2 – Wingless 410 * — JULY 10TH 2017
  8. The Morgan Cup **– JULY 17TH 2017
  9. PAPosseRacing Shootout Series ^ — JULY 24TH 2017
  10. USAC Keystone Grand Prix — JULY 31ST 2017
  11. National Open Tune – Up — AUGUST 7TH 2017
  12. PAPosseRacing.com USDRA National Open**– AUGUST 14TH 2017


*Daytime Race

**Double Points

^ Shootout Series – the shootout series will score points and the top 5 of that series will earn additional points toward the championship


Race Rules/Procedures:

Race rules include, but are not limited to:
• We will be following the WOO format.
• If you flip at any point during the race. You must escape.
• If you are missing a front wing, hood, etc. You must escape.
• No Revving the engine in an attempt to burn fuel under caution, first offense will be a warning. Second time will be a removal from the racing surface.
• Absolultly No reckless driving will be tolerated, that includes dirty slide jobs.

Race Starts:
• All starts and restarts will take place at a consistent speed. Consistent speed will be at the discretion of UDSRA Sprint Car Series Officials.
• Starts will take place within a designated area that will be identified at the driver’s meeting.
• If the front row fails to start the race properly the responsible car or cars will be moved to the second row.
• Any car out of line and/or passing before this point will bring out a caution period and will be penalized two (2) positions on the ensuing restart.
• No hanging back in the field during starts or restarts.
• You must remain within 0.5 car lengths (.05-.1 seconds) of the car in front of you.
• All front row cars must choose their racing line coming out of turn three (3) and must maintain that line until the start or restart occurs. Failure to do so will result in a two (2) position penalty.

• All restarts will be Double-File Restarts.
• All restarts will take place with the lead lap cars moved to the front of the field. Lapped cars will pull to the inside and fall in behind the last car on the lead lap in their order of running.
• The grid must remain double-file and nose-to-tail until the race is started in the designated start area. The race leader sets the pace and is the control car.
• The race leader restarts the race. Once the leader starts the race it is started for the entire field. Passing and maneuvering throughout the field is allowed as soon as the race has started.

Cautions: (Yellow Flag laps count so let’s keep them to a minimum)
• When a yellow flag comes out, fall into single file and catch the pace car.
• DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BREAKS OR STOP after catching the pace car or when the yellow is shown, rather brake safely and form up behind the pace car.
• When the yellow comes out all drivers should be single file on the high side of the track.
• If you are the cause of the caution or stop to avoid the wreck, YOU MUST GO TO THE TAIL.
• Any driver who has two self spins in one race without contact from another car will be asked to park for the remainder of the race.
• Any driver who hits a driver during a yellow flag lap after the field is at pace speed will be issued a longest line penalty and a 5 point deduction towards that car at the end of the race. A second offense by the same driver will result in a 1 race suspension for that driver the immediate next week.
• At the discretion of the UDSRA Sprint Car Series Official any car that intentionally brings out a caution period will be disqualified from the event.
• Any cars that stop, either on the racing surface and/or in the pit/designated work area, during a caution period will be required to restart from the rear of the field.
• When the yellow flag is displayed and/or caution lights illuminated no passing is permitted unless instructed to do so by the UDSRA Sprint Car Series Officials.

Race Night Format: we will be following the 2017 WOO Sprint car format.
• Hotlaps
• Qualifying – 2 laps
• Heats – 8 laps -(number of heats will be determined by car count, no more then 11 cars per heat) no yellows
• Dash – 6 Laps – top 2 from each heat
• B-main – 12 laps (if needed) – Top 6 transfer
• A-main – 30 laps – 24 cars

Teamspeak is required to race.
UDSRA Teamspeak IP