After many years of dedication of bringing Dirt sim racers everywhere a taste of what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a dirt sprint car, UDSRA will be making the transition into the dirt sim of the future, iRacing Dirt. With that being said we are proud to announce our partnership with PA Sprint Car Promotions for a 12 race track championship at the famed Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA in the 410 wing sprint cars with 2 USAC showings on the card. Our main goal has not changed. We strive to create the most realistic sprint car simulation experience. These leagues will not be for the novice or rookie drivers, although everyone is invited to join us for the best Sim racing experience ever. We will have a strict set of rules to follow and will be enforced. UDSRA hopes you will choose us as your premiere home for your Dirt Sprint car sim racing.

UDSRA will now be a invitational league. Starting this coming Monday May 15th, 2017 @ 930 EST we will be hosting a practice/tryout race for drivers interested in applying to run with UDSRA. We are looking for respectable, clean racers who are looking for the “realistic sprint car experience”. If you are interested in running with UDSRA please apply at the link posted below.

Teamspeak will be required to race and drivers will need to be in teamspeak before race time in order to receive the pw for the race server. Teamspeak IP

League info

UDSRA Williams Grove Championship Presented by PAPosseRacing.com

Apply for this league at this link.


2017 UDSRA Rulebook

UDSRA iRacing Rulebook



2017 Williams Grove Championship series schedule presented by PAPosseRacing.com


  1. Williams Grove Opening Day * — JUNE 5TH 2017
  2. PA Sprint Car Promotions Night– JUNE 12TH 2017
  3. PAPosseRacing.com Shootout Series ^ — JUNE 19TH 2017
  4. Yellow Breeches Open** — JUNE 26TH 2017
  5. PAPosseRacing Shootout Series ^ — JULY 3RD 2017
  6. Williams Grove Take 2 – Winged 410 — JULY 10TH 2017
  7. Williams Grove Take 2 – Wingless 410 * — JULY 10TH 2017
  8. The Morgan Cup **– JULY 17TH 2017
  9. PAPosseRacing Shootout Series ^ — JULY 24TH 2017
  10. USAC Keystone Grand Prix — JULY 31ST 2017
  11. National Open Tune – Up — AUGUST 7TH 2017
  12. PAPosseRacing.com USDRA National Open**– AUGUST 14TH 2017


 *Daytime Race

**Double Points

^ Shootout Series – the shootout series will score points and the top 5 of that series will earn additional points toward the championship

Tracks are now available for download 

The tracks section in Sim Sync has been opened. There is almost 4 gigs of content in this installer to get, its going to take a little bit to gather it all. Go ahead and get this installed so your not trying to download almost 5 gigs of content, when we release the mod. This will give you EVERY track installed on our server, so you never have to worry about NOT having a track!
The UDSRA 2016 Sprints will remain locked.
IF, you are one of the die hard “Sim Sync is the devil users”, you can grab all of the tracks in EXE form, from Sprint cars online, or Sim Fans website. 
AS always we recommend using sim sync, we can offer TONS of support to our users using the sync. If you elect to install tracks via EXE files, your kinda on your own as we will not be able to pinpoint what you installed and where!