Welcome to the new home for UDSRA Motorsports. The future of UDSRA certainly depends on many key variables. A full scale marketing approach is essential in creating the supreme online racing community. With millions of race fans watching and attending races each week, only a small percentage have ever heard of Internet racing.

Many racers end their short lived careers due to financial and family problems. Without sponsorships many careers are ended prematurely, but their motivation to race is still there. Even though online racing may never be able to replace the feel of an actual race car, it gives a great simulation and a competitive fix for individuals that love racing. It is also a convenience for those that have family. Online racing allows you to race from the comfort of your own home, but still makes you feel a part of a community. The greatest benefit is that there is no life risk!

With that said, in a UDSRA sanctioned event our goal is to reproduce a racing environment as close to the real thing as we can. These leagues will not be for the novice or rookie drivers, although everyone is invited to join us for the best Sim racing experience ever. We will have a strict set of rules to follow and will be enforced. It will be a slow start for UDSRA but giving time, we hope to become the elite sanctioning body in the Sim community.

UDSRA hopes you will choose us as your premiere home for your Sim racing. Best of all, UDSRA is open to the community. If you have any comments or suggestions for our leagues let us know. Thanks for stopping by United Dirt Sim Racing Association.