UDSRA Short Track Nationals

UDSRA ASCS Sim Series ~ Powered by DirtDogGear.com ~ Sim Short Track Nationals January 19-20

This Monday and Tuesday the ASCS Sim series heads to the famed bullring in Little Rock, Arkansas for our second annual Sim Short Track Nationals!

We are still accepting sponsors for this crown jewel sprint car event. If you would like to help sponsor the event, please message the page.

As always at UDSRA we are a 100% free league, so no membership or registration is needed to join in with us.


ASCS 2015 Released


ASCS Sprint Mod for rFactor 1

Please Follow The directions Written Below. If you do not read this and you screw something up, UDSRA is not responsible!!!

How To Video: Covers installing sim sync, in game settings, Setups and much more! Please watch before messaging us with a issue!

(you do not currently have the ASCS mod installed)

Must have rFactor 1 installed and purchased before installing the ASCS mod.

Sim Sync Program:
This program will give you all the files needed to join our servers.

Any Farther Question please refer to this link.

(you do currently have the ASCS mod installed)

Please view the second picture below. Highlight all of the files as shown in that folder and DELETE them! Then make sure you have the ASCS Sprints series box checked and then click DELETE SERIES. After you have done this run the sync as normal. Get a beer, go watch some tv, or sit and watch it install all the files. Once its done you should be good to go!


Now for the stats servers. There is three of them up. One Rookie server, One 1501-2500 driver rating server and One 2501+ Driver rating server. Everyone will start out as a rookie, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the rookie server. If you are a more experienced driver feel free to hit the upper ranking servers, but new guys please stay in the rookie server until your rating comes up. If we see rookie driver entering the upper level server we will BAN THAT DRIVER FROM ALL UDSRA SERVER! Track your stats at this link. http://www.udsra.org/career/home.php

We hope you enjoy our new creation for the rFactor community to enjoy. If you have read all of the info posted and still need help please MESSAGE THIS PAGE.

Thanks for the continued support,

UDSRA Gears up For New Mod and Season!

UDSRA is hard at work behind the scenes preparing for the release of their mod “ASCS The Simulation ’15″. After a very successful first year running the ever popular UDSRA winter series with the ASCS cars, we have added more new chassis and body’s to our existing chassis selection in game. We have completely revamped our physics and when released will be the very first of there kind in a open wheel sprint mod for rFactor! Our first event is scheduled in the books for November 9-11, 2014 as we host our 4th annual trophy cup! Be sure to keep checking our Facebook page and right here at udsra.org for all the updates until we release the new cars. Thank you again for everyone’s continued support and we can’t wait to see everyone this fall!




UDSRA Prepares for first ever Short Track Nationals

The first ever UDSRA Short Track Nationals presented by FSR Radiators is right around the corner! With only one week of waiting left, the last UDSRA 360 Sprint race until this November is quickly approaching with high anticipation. This event will bring in a new track with what is expected to be a stellar car count. Action kicks off next week with heat races and qualifiers on Monday, March 17th and all feature events including the 40 lap A-Main on Tuesday, March 18th. Make sure you head to I-30 Speedway or tune in on Dirt Dog TV next week as UDSRA will once again host one of the biggest Sprint Car races on rFactor.

Points after Night #1 of the 360 Knoxville Nationals

Points after Night #1 of the 360 Knoxville Nationals:
1. Giovanni Mungin: 500
2. Kevin Loveys: 494
3. Herb Engelhart: 491
4. Jordin Mitchell: 484
5. Zach Raidart: 478
6. Tyler Beichner: 472
7. Sean O’ Dea: 457
8. Denny Felker Jr: 455
9. Ty Gardner: 454
10. Chance Ciskowski: 452
11. Daltyn England: 450
12. Lester Dise: 449
13. Bob Ramundo: 444
14. Kevin Devlin: 441
15. Kodi Halter: 437
16. Justin Zapotoczny: 427
17. Zack Davis: 427
18. Joel Hoffmaster: 426
19. Brandon Sutton: 418
20. Clayton Christensen: 416
21. Matt White: 415
22. Mike Cawvey: 403
23. Joe Carr: 395
24. Wyatt Hairston: 394
25. Dylan Schiebel: 378
26. Dylan Thomas: 371
27. Zach Fields: 362
28. Chris Walters: 359
29. Robert Richardson: 356
30. Joshua Short: 203
31. Todd LaBoube: 150

Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim Nights


If you can not make the night you are assigned, please message us for a change of night.


Josh Short
Matt White
Beau Breunig
Todd LaBoube
Ty Gardner
Lester Dise
Robert Richardson
Ike W Ramyond Jr Ar#00
Dylan Schiebel
Bob Ramundo
Sean Odea
Kevin Devlin
Herb Engelhart
Daltyn England
Chris Willard
Chris Walters
Brad Wiseman
Adam Gowitzka
Trey Eshleman
Kevin Loveys
Jacob Gibson
Mike Cawvey
Wyatt Hairston
Nathen Wetherbee
Larry Moody
Zach Fields
Cody Sale
Clayton Christensen
Dan Mazy
Justin Zapotoczny
Jimmy Moffitt
Kodi Halter
Sylvain Moison
Chance Ciskowski
Scott Wetherbee
Robert Fink
Giovanni Mungin
Clayton Fraley
Dalton Dietrich
Tim Hunt
Scott Getz
Zach Raidart
Ricky Peterson
Matthew Martin
Justin Cox
Denny Felker Jr
Joel Hoffmaster
Ian Eichendorf
Joe Carr
Jordin Mitchell
Colton Hardy
Zack Davis
Dalton Stevens
Brandon Sutton


Will Smith
Dave Flick
Tyler Beichner
Nick Tuller
Jason Steinhurst
Keith Fitzgerald
Rob Strickland
Justin Hoffmaster
John McClellan
Brian Bowling
Zach Weaver
Dylan Thomas
Maxime Plante
Mark Heckathorne
Kody Brewer
Bradley Skusa
Brian Johnson
Treper Jansen
Sam Poulin
Chad Combs
Jeffrey Scott
Bryan Milligan
Troy Wagaman Jr
Kyle Spence
Nick Nichols
Curtis Barros
Gary Offutt
Casey Stark
Devin Keeley
Dakota Kuhn
Nick Cooper
Justin W Brester
Ren Johnson
Etienne Girard
Eric Wilke
Cody Downard
Paul Maddux
Corey Gordon
Christopher Stringfellow
Dwight Valentine
Ben Kruse
Joshua Gayman
Grady Chandler
Matt Gordon
Tim Berner
Dustin Stroup
Brian Rieck
Michael Sellers
Jordan Poirier
Michael Rozendahl


Format The 360 Nationals encompasses a three-day format. With points meaning everything, and every wheel turned on the track meaningpoints, there is no time for a break.


Monday and Tuesday


Order of Events: Hot laps, Qualifications, Last Chance Heats (if needed), 5 Heats, C feature, B feature, A feature.


Qualifications – 200 points are awarded for quick timer, 198 forsecond quick, 196 for third, etc.


Only the top 50 qualifiers make the heats, the rest are put in thelast chance heats in which the first eight finishers will fill the backof that night’s C feature (starting in the sixth row).


Last Chance Heats (for drivers out of the top 50 in Qual.) – 50 pointsawarded to the winner, 47 for 2nd, etc.


Heats – 100 points are awarded for the heat winner, points go downby three: 97, 94, 91, 88, etc.


Heats have an invert of six. Top four finishers go to A, next four to B, last two to C.


C feature – Top two finishers go to back of the B. Third place isworth 96 pts., 2nd is 94, etc.


B feature – The top four finishers transfer to the tail of the A. TheB awards 142 points for fifth, 140 for sixth and so on by twos.


A feature – The A feature points are the same as time trials: 200,198, 196 etc. This explains how a driver can not make the A, butif he timed well may have more points than someone who did makethe A.


First tie breaker is finish position in respective main event. Next tie breaker is rank in time trial. Other tie breaking criteria may be implemented if needed.


A perfect score (quick time, heat win, feature win) is 500. Cars line up for Saturday’s championship straight up by points earned on their qualifying night.




Wednesday Events: E feature, D feature, C feature, B feature, KnoxvilleNationals Championship feature.


With the exception of the B feature which takes the top four finishersto the tail of the 360 Nationals Championship, all other featurestransfer the top two finishers to the tail of the next event (if there arescratches, there may be more taken for a particular event).

Knoxville 360 Nationals Registration



Alright drivers, Here is the link you need to visit to register for the UDSRA Knoxville 360 Nationals for 2014! You must be signed up to race this event, so don’t delay get signed up NOW!

Current Purse is $150 along with prizes. The event will pay $100 to win, Stringy’s Speed Shop has sponsored tee shirts to the top 3 and There will be a increased www.dirtdoggear.com gift cards for the top three.

Drivers Currently Registered:
Beau Breunig
Brian Bowling
Brian Johnson
Brian Rieck
Clayton Christensen
Cody Sale
Dakota Kuhn
Dalton Dietrich
Dan Mazy
Dave Flick
Dylan Schiebel
Dylan Thomas
Giovanni Mungin
Herb Engelhart
Joe Carr
Joel Hoffmaster
Justin Cox
Justin Brester
Justin Zapotoczny
Kodi Halter
Mark Heckathorne
Matthew Keith Martin
Maxime Plante
Michael Sellers
Paul Maddux
Ren Johnson
Rob Strickland
Robert Fink
Sylvain Moison
Tim Berner
Ty Gardner
Tyler Beichner
Will Smith

UDSRA ASCS Sim Series Heads to Lowes

After a week off the UDSRA/ASCS Sprints head to the home of The World Finals, The Dirt Track at Charlotte. This Monday begins the stretch run of the UDSRA/ASCS season leading up to championship week at the Knoxville 360 Nationals March 3-5. As always, If you cant make it to the track, you can tune into the live broadcast onwww.twitch.tv/dirtdogtv.